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Stephanie Rivers is a New York-based singer-songwriter. Often compared to Cassandra
Wilson and Jill Scott, she writes and composes music that draws inspiration from multiple
genres: Jazz, Pop, Soul, Classical, Folk, R&B, and House. Her clean arrangements and
rich vocals, as demonstrated on her 2008 EP Play Things, have sparked widespread
attention in the music and entertainment industries.

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Stephanie displayed an early interest in music. Starting at
age 4, she performed in community talent showcases and on popular variety shows such
as Star Search and Puttin’ on the Hits. By age 10, she was being classically trained in
piano and voice, and later picked up the guitar.

Stephanie’s mezzo-soprano, honed by years of opera training, gives a nod to Aretha
Franklin and Mariah Carey. But it wasn’t until she moved to London in 2002 that she
found her true voice. As a foreign exchange student with little more than a rundown
Spanish guitar, she churned out “Helpless” and a batch of other original songs that
comprised her first demo. Producers took notice, including Simon Paul (of the DJ team
Lost Witness) and Mixmaster Pete Hammond (Kylie Minogue), who recruited Stephanie to
sing vocals on a House track. The resulting hit, “Club Together,” swept Italy and Greece
and launched her stint as a studio session singer in the UK.

In 2005, Stephanie embarked the nascent music scene in Atlanta, Ga. Working with
Bread and Water, the production duo behind 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me, she recorded her
own R&B tracks “Come Onto Me” and “Natural High,” reinforcing her reputation as a
nimble songsmith.  

Since settling in Harlem in 2006, Stephanie has expanded her sound and fan base with
Play Things. Produced with Ron Rogers and featuring Camila Celin on lead guitar, this EP
is filled with eclectic jazz arrangements and emphatic vocals. Songs like “The Whole”
and “Fairytales,” with their elegant lyrics and melodies, lay bare the raw emotion behind

Having played sold-out gigs across New York City with various indie acts, Stephanie is
currently working on her next compilation, set to release later this year. As a New York
Post reporter once observed, “After you hear her voice, lyrics, and fantastic rhythms,
you'll see why Stephanie continues to amaze.”